Why Join Us

3rdlife Grid is a community. A virtual community where you can create a home, build a business, meet others, establish relationships and do all the things you can do in real life but in a virtual setting. A place to meet and perhaps find that special someone....( I Did )

Free to join, Best Region Prices, Free Uploads, Free Classifieds, Free OAR files Loaded, Restart your own regions in your members page, “Offline”” Messages to Email, Partners/Proposals, Hypergrid Enabled Purchases from KITELY, DDoS Protection!, Forums Page, Voice, Estate Managers Enabled, Free Lot For New Residents, Grid Map, Hypergrid Enabled

We Are A User created Virtual World! Come join other users who've found the freedom to create, express and be themselves! We are the most relaxed and carefree Family Oriented place out there! Be yourself and enjoy! Bring YOUR Visions To Life.

Lots of cool and fun places to visit like, Raceway, Amusement Park, 3d Games, Safari Park, Shopping Mall, Drive-in Movie, Fishing, Wedding Venue, Zombie Shoot out game, Airport & Marina, and so much more. So Join and come explore, Customize your avatar, Meet New Interestion People from all over the world, Learn new things, Just Have Fun

If you have any Questions you can click the LIVE Support tab at the bottom right of your screan OR you can click the Support Link in the menu to the right and submit a ticket with your questions and we will be happy to help you


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